Preston discovers the charm of vintage

Vintage accessories exhibited at the fair

In the last years the world of vintage has fascinated lot of people, especially young girls. In spite of new trends which everyday are presented by stylists, old stuff and accessories continue to have a great success everywhere and increasingly Vintage Fairs are organized in different places.

The 13th November a Vintage Fair has taken place in Preston and it was hosted by the Continental. Only a pound and you had the opportunity to enter in a fabulous world made by handmade bracelets and rings, necklaces and various accessories, together with dress and shirt. Each stall offered a great variety of stuff: clothes are separated carefully according to the years they come from and they make you live the fashion and the way of life of the past decades.

Amanda Horsey, promoter of the event, is really satisfied by the success of this fair. “This is the first time we organize it in Preston, but we’re going to have others the first Sunday of every month, skip January and then repeat it in February in other places”. According to her, at first the aim was “promote an event which should have included both Vintage and Contemporary items”. They finally decided to release only Vintage stands.”Preston is a young city, full of student, and we would like them to enjoy fashion and old dresses, making them discover this beautiful world”.

The success of the happening is also due to the availability and the welcome that single stall holders have given to the visitors. Jane Wignall, who took part at the event selling her manufactures, is satisfied too. “It was a great fair, lovely like-minded people both stall holders and attendees!”. Like other sellers, she has attended other fairs as this; she’s very proud of her work and really happy to join fair in which people can enjoy her creations, results of years of work and passion: “I have always beachcombed and collected sea glass, pebbles, driftwood, shells and anything else that I like the look of. I also collect jewelry and rework vintage beads and chains into my work”.

As an evidence of the good accomplishment of the fair, another one will take place at the same place on 5th December, and will focus on Christmas’ things and ideas for presents.

Below the map of the principal stall holders which have taken part to the fair.

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Different religions for a more united society

This year, after the accomplishment of the previous edition, the Harris Library together with the Preston City Council has organized the “Interfaith Week 2010”.

The manifestation involves different representatives from different religions, in order to show how much there’s in common between diverse beliefs and how everyone can collaborate to create a quite climate; the aim is also to increase the union of Preston’s citizens and avoid discriminations. It took place in a whole week: each day was dedicated to the focus on a religion, made possible by the promotion of “Faith Open Evenings”, free seminars intended as trips among religions and traditions, in which anyone can ask and find answers. The opening event, which has taken place at the Library the 22th November, gave the possibility to listen to the different representatives. Everyone underlined how much religions have in common, in an atmosphere of calm and serenity; the presence of the children to the manifestation is an evident signal of the will to involve them in a process of socialization which must start from the early ages.

The Harris Library is proud to host the event. Abdul Kheratkar says: “It’s really important for us. We have to offer people a wide range of events and services, working with every classes and groups which live here in Preston. Dealing with every faith and community is also important for us, we have to include everyone”. He wants also to highlight the presence of children: “Their involvement in the processes of cohesiveness of our city is fundamental. Children are the first who need to know about differences and other religions, in order to learn to respect them and have not prejudices”.

Mohammed Ali Amla, Cohesion Support Officer and organizer of the “Interfaith Week 2010”, explains the aim of the event. It wants to promote the coexistence of differences and open a dialogue. “The purpose of this event is to understand the variety of the different faiths in Preston. This is a challenge: we are inviting people and children to learn about other religions directly attending events and visiting their places”.

Occasions as these are the proof that a lot of efforts are made every day to make cities liveable and friendly as they should be. Preston can be considered one of these. As Amla states, in fact, “every city needs events such as this because they are helpful to improve dialogue and make the city more cohesive and united. In spite of differences and the numerous groups of religions and ethnics, Preston is a united town and people always respect each other”.

Percentage of distribution of religion in Great Britain.


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Video Skill Test

This is an interview I’ve shoot in order to complete my Video Skill Test. I’ve chosen to interview Samuel Gomez, a Spanish friend of mine who is really interested in the field of cinema and want to be a director one day. He studies Media and Cinema in Spain and is now focusing here in Preston some features which are helping him to improve his skills. In this interview he talks about his passion for cinema and which are his aims in making movies.

Data Skills Test

This is the chart I’ve created in order to complete the Data Skills Test.

It’s really hard to find a job for a graduate in Media Studies. Although Media are considered the new source of economy, communication, politic and power and although they now are part of every aspects of our daily life, it’s still difficult for a young to enter in this world and work in it.

Universities have recognized the extreme importance of Media Studies and every year give the opportunity to many students to undertake academic studies in the field of journalism, communication’s science, arts, ecc; but at the end of studies things are not so easy how we can think.

The chart, taken from Guardian figures, show clearly how hard is the situation of new graduates in Media Studies and how many possibilities they have to find a job. On a total of 4350 responses more than half (the 64%) is looking for a job in UK; a good percentage, the 14.60%, assumed to be unemployed. The rest of them looks for job overseas or continues to study, trying to improve qualifications. Have the security of getting a job in short time it’s now almost impossible, although it will be appropriate if opportunities in this field increase, in order to give new vitality to this important sector of our life.

Story Idea #3

I’ve found another story for my portfolio.

It’s about a Fashion Vintage Event scheduled for this Saturday here in Preston. Lot of vendors will be there showing their stuff, clothes, dresses, accessories and others things from the 1940s to 1980s.

The event will be get rich with entertainment, shows, sweetness, ecc. I’ve already sent an e mail to the promoters in order to arrange an interview with them, asking why the’ve chosen to focus a show on vintage fashion and what is the importance of the event. I could also interview sellers, do vox pop with people who join the manifestation, create slideshow of the best dresses, videos and a lot of other things taking part at the event.


Story Idea #2

An important service for old people and disabled is going to be cancelled because of its costs. We are talking about the Red Rose Runner, a bus which helps people to reach easily the hospital and avoid the missing of doctor’s appointments. The service will be stopped after a competitive tendering process which results too expensive to maintain.

So a lot of people will have difficult to move in the city and facing too long trip while they are using public transport, and this is not very good for old people or disabled.

About this story we can interview both people who have used the service or someone who is directly involved in it, such as manager of nursing home or other person responsible; we can also make a comparison interviewing someone of the Lancashire County Council, who may explain clearly the reason of the withdrawal.

We can incorporate also images of the bus or a slideshow which explain the importance of it showing how many people use the service in various moments of the day and for different reasons. We can include a map of the routes more used by this bus and show if they are covered as easily by public transport.

Source: Lancashire Evening Post

I think that this story could work because is very interesting and has a social value; anyway I have some doubts about the use of multimedia items (maybe they are not so much or inappropriates) and the fact that this is not an event to attend.

Story Idea

The city of Preston will celebrate the Black History Month with a big party which will take place at the Jalgos Sports and Social Club on October 27.
In October Uk and Ireland use to celebrate the Caribbean culture and the African diaspora. This is only an example on how Preston’s citizens pay attention to the different cultures which are in the city. The presence of a lot of foreign communities and, over all, the University, makes Preston one of the most cosmopolitan and globalized city. So it’s not a surprise that a big effort has been made by the local constabulary to organize this big event, which will include exhibitions of various artists, such as the Seventh Day Adventist Gospel Choir and the Isles of Harmony Dance group.
I may develop the story with some multimedia items. This is an event to attend, so take a part at the event create the opportunity to hold first-hand material. Picture slideshow of guests and best moment of the party could be created; I could also include a video with a speech or an exhibition.
In order to explain the importance of the party for all the British people I may create a map which gives details on how many and where are the principal African communities; we also attach data about the importance of these communities, their contribute to British culture or statics about their coming in Britain and their movement.
During the manifestation I could speak with one of the member of the organization’s group, which may explain the importance of the party and its meanings. We may also interview some guests – why you’ve joined the party?
I’ve found the story on Lancashire Evening Post and focused it on Preston City Council Website.
I think the story may work as a portfolio idea because it’s local but has some refers to national elements; it’s an event to attend and gives a lot of multimedia opportunities.

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